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TRISKELION specializes in analyzing the behavior of substances Together, we face global challenges. These include how to feed the world’s growing population, overcome inequity and, at the same time, counter climate change and environmental degradation. Sustainable entrepreneurship is part of the solution: people, planet and profit are the driving force rather than profit alone. At TRISKELION, this is our corporate guiding principle.

One Health recognizes that human health, animal health and ecosystems are inextricably linked. We believe a healthy body requires healthy food and healthy food requires a healthy planet, all with healthy ecosystems and strong, resilient social structures. We simply can’t have one without the others.

TRISKELION fully supports this vision by offering testing and consultancy services to clients in the pharmaceutical, food, feed and (agro)chemical industries. Together, we drive our mission to improve human, animal and environmental health by “contributing to safe and sustainably-produced food, pharmaceutical and (agro)chemical products.”

TRISKELION has unique capabilities when it comes to applying the necessary interdisciplinary and cross-sectorial approach. With our technical expertise, highly knowledgeable teams and bespoke solutions, we’re able to fully utilize our capabilities in determining the properties of any food, pharmaceutical or (agro)chemical product. We’re able to support you with knowledge and consultancy on appropriate legislation and regulations, as well as best practices in GLP and GMP processes.

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